Job Stress – Part Two

02:13 06 April in Open Mind

A lot of companies employ two different types of people, who appear different from one another while they are more similar and have the same intentions more than you would think. They are called: “Good cop, bad cop.”

The “good cop” usual is the higher up who does not discipline the staff or punish in any way and always looks “good”. They leave that to the “bad cop.” The bad cop punishes people, disciplines, talks down, demeans, instills fear, etc. The bad cop can maintain a punitive environment to maintain the fear in people to do what they are told when in reality, when people are ruled by fear they often make errors because they are distracted by the fear. And stress. When people in leadership roles don’t know how to lead, they might think they are leading by committing to some of the negative behaviors above.

Let’s face it though… the “good cop” is also the “bad cop” as well because the culture of any company usually stems from the top. Trickles down from above.


The fish stinks from the head.

If the person or people who own the company claim they had no idea of the behavior going on in their company, then the person or people who own the company have no idea what is going on with their company – and how bad is that?

More red flags.

I think the biggest thing keeping anyone at their job is themselves. Time to get out of the way of yourself and allow yourself to be happy. Start searching for other employment, that alone can raise your self-esteem because you are doing an esteemable act to elevate your happiness in the work place. Some people just don’t know, and don’t want to know how to effectively run a company and rather just do it their way regardless of the myriad of information out there dictating they are going about maintaining a resentful and unhappy work place and why would anyone ignore that?

Another red flag is when you find yourself smarter and more talented than your boss. And your boss’ boss and so on.

Time to get out and move on.

I think it’s worth mentioning the tech companies in Northern California as an example. They made a point to empower and motivate their employees and lead them to find the path to their own greatness. Not leading them to hate their bosses. Now I’m not saying that all companies need to provide their staff with golf carts, free food, recess on the playground and volleyball in the afternoon… but something to motivate by inspiring their staff to swing for the fences and see where they land. The younger generation has stated that owners, supervisors and managers who do not believe in this philosophy are not paying attention, lagging behind and not getting the most out of their employees.

When I worked for the company which produced the television series The West Wing, production had a masseuse on set once per week. Television production crews work really hard. Harder than a lot of people will ever know. Obviously, there was a decision made to take care of a crew, because they took care of the show. And it was much appreciated.

Give back to employees. Show appreciation.

Happy employees are usually more productive, therefore making the business more profitable. If you’re miserable all day at your job and feel suppressed and oppressed, how likely will it be that you will be motivated to be more productive and increase profitability for the people you hate? Not likely. Make sense?

If a company has been in business for years with the same “leaders”… they probably don’t care about learning another way to run their company because they have been doing it like that for so long, getting away with it  and may not realize how destructive they have been or maybe they just don’t care – either way it’s an unhealthy work environment, which leads to unhappy employees, which leads to a lot of turn-over. And if the powers that be do not acknowledge a lot of turn-over, they are either not interested or in denial.

And why not take a lead from the Millennial generation… If some members of the Millennial generation are not happy in their new work environment, they don’t waste too much time – they are out of there. Some of us take longer to get out of bad relationships and that could be with your work environment as well.

Either way, you might want to make a change because life is too short and you are too important.