Therapy helps you find obstacles
that block growth

Unlock the origins and consequences
of those obstacles

Bring them into the light of

your current conscious state

And have a better understanding
of yourself

Everyone deserves a chance to feel better.


Everyone deserves a chance to feel better. Entering individual therapy for yourself is perhaps the most personal journey on which you can embark, which can benefit you greatly.

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People come to couples therapy when they are having difficulties with one another and often these difficulties have gone unaddressed for too long and becomes disruptive and blocks growth…

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Family therapy is another opportunity for the therapist to see multiple points of view from each family member, to see how the family interacts with one another, what their boundaries are…

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The very foundation of group therapy is for people to share their feelings and experiences and to hear from others who can relate to you and offer their feedback. Much can be learned by listening to others who are going through the same experience. You might hear confirmations and you might hear something you haven’t thought of that will help you.

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I have worked in high-profile substance abuse treatment centers in both New York and Los Angeles.  I worked with the 12 Step model as well as alternative recovery options. I have extensive experience working with substance abuse, including alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse, nicotine dependence, gambling addiction and other addictions.

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A potential red flag is when you see “How to Raise Morale” books on the desk of the Human Resources person. It suggests the HR person/company do not know and understand how to do these things without books.

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Randall Warner is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, centrally located in the heart of Manhattan.