Leisure and Self-Care

22:18 03 November in Open Mind

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It’s very important for us to maintain our leisure and self-care. Too often we get caught up with busy schedules and not enough time for the important things we need to do for ourselves. “Leisure? I don’t have time for leisure,” one might say and many do. However, we must incorporate leisure into our lives.

As human beings, we need to experience leisure and enjoy ourselves. Leisure can elevate our self-esteem and increase our self-worth. If someone is constantly not experiencing leisure, it may lead us down a negative road where we might experience difficulty navigating our way. It also might contribute to depression.

Make time for leisure.

We make time for working late, working from home, shopping, getting the car washed, replacing the lawnmower, getting the dog groomed and a myriad of other errands and tasks.

Make time for leisure.

You know how we schedule appointments on our calendars… we can schedule our leisure time as well.

“May 15… I’m going to do something for my enjoyment. I’m going to have fun.”


Perhaps you like to do activities you haven’t participated in along time. Go back to that. What do you like to do for leisure? Also, not all leisure requires large sums of money. Maybe you like to go to…

Museums. In New York there are a myriad of Museums and some I bet you never heard of. Have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty? Ever climb to the top? Have you been to Governors Island? You might be surprised how much leisure you can have there. Have you been to Glenn Island in New Rochelle? One word. Go. Have you gone to the top of the Empire State Building? Ride a bike? More people appear to be riding bikes in New York than ever before. Knitting clubs. Book clubs. Have you had a baseball or softball catch on Heritage Field, what used to be the old Yankee Stadium? You can finally round the same base path as Babe Ruth. It’s there and it’s free.

What about a park? When is the last time you were in Central Park? A lot of people may not be aware that Central Park is a “man made” park designed for the regular working person to take time off and enjoy themselves; boats, sheep meadow, the Great Lawn, the Obelisk, Bandshell, Strawberry Fields, bike lanes, walking paths, and on and on and on. A lot of people think Central Park is the largest park in New York City. It’s not! The two largest parks in New York City are in the borough of The Bronx – Pelham Bay Park is the largest with Van Cortlandt Park second largest. Pelham Bay Park is ginormous with plenty of grass, bike and walking paths, outdoor activities and tons of history. Van Cortlandt Park has bike and walking paths you can take all the way to Putnam County! Van Cortlandt Park is famous for it’s cross country trails that people have come to from all over the world to experience. Did you know The Bronx is the only borough of New York City that has its land mass attached to the continental United States? All other boroughs are on Islands. And let’s not forget about Corona Flushing Meadow Park in Queens, also larger than Central Park and home of the 1964/65 World’s Fair. Iconic images every where you look. Bryant Park, Prospect Park, Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park… you get the idea.

Do you like to go to the ballpark but don’t like dropping the mortgage payment? Have you considered attending a Cyclones game at Coney Island? I’ve heard some say the best ballpark experience they ever had, affordable as ballparks go with a view of the Coney Island rides passed the outfield and all the rides lit up at night and don’t forget about the fireworks. What a way to cap off your day at Coney Island.

And there might be a thing or two to do in Manhattan and Westchester has a myriad of historic tours.

We should incorporate leisure into our week at least once.


What is self-care?

Maintaining our well-being.

Exercise, haircut, massage, hot-tub, sauna, salon, doctor appointments, psychotherapy, psychiatry, counseling, meditation, pastor, rabbi, yoga, pilates, healthy diet, stress management, spirituality, artwork, self-help and a whole lot more!

We must take care of ourselves. Sometimes we do for others and forget to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we’re just so busy we don’t have time for ourselves. But we must. We must take care of ourselves to be better and to be better for others. Self-care can also raise our self-esteem and increase our self-worth. Our self-care can be said to be our own esteemable acts for ourselves.

Have you tried Yoga yet? Ask Sting, he’s been doing Yoga for decades and he looks pretty good and says he feels great! Try it once and you might experience the benefits of stretching your body and receiving the positive benefits.

Experts say our eating habits have a lot to do with the way we feel. You are what you eat? If you eat Ring-Dings and pickles, you might feel like Ring-Dings and pickles? What you put in is what you get out.

Taking care of our self-care. Clean body, spirit, maintaining organization… a messy desk is a messy mind? Keeping your home clean. You know that good self-esteem building feeling you have after you vacuum? That’s a good feeling.

Keep doing more of what works.