Happy New Year everyone!

13:48 02 January in Open Mind

For a lot of people the new year brings new opportunity, hopes and desires and yes that New Year’s Resolution. A lot of people at one point have made a New Year’s Resolution and while some have succeeded, many do not.

A lot of people believe in the idea that everyone can always be better.

We also have goals. Sometimes we want to reach that goal too quickly and if we don’t… we give up.

The Top 10 list below are common New Year’s Resolutions. “Get in Shape” is one of the most popular. Not everyone can reach their goals in the amount of time they permit themselves to do. Like dieting…  getting into shape or eating right, a lot would say is more of a way of life than a passing phase of being involved in a diet or workout regime. That’s what many people refer to when asked how do they manage to stay in shape? These people do not diet to stay in shape. It has become their way of life.

Lots of us need to work towards our goals in gradual baby steps and that’s okay. Consistently staying on our journey while maintaining dedication and loyalty to your accomplishments.  Others like to jump right in and manage to maintain their course.

Everyone is different.

So check out these Top 10 NYE Resolutions below and the link which discusses each one of them.

  • Go Back to School
  • Get a Better Job
  • Get in Shape
  • Make a Difference
  • Go Somewhere
  • Quit Smoking
  • Reduce Debt & Save Money
  • Get Organized
  • Find Someone Special
  • Focus on Important Relationships